Istoki Endowment Fund launched a survey

Representatives of the non-profit sector are asked to answer questions about creating a united informational and analytical online resource on endowment funds

The Istoki Endowment Fund has initiated in the professional community a survey on the relevance of creating a united information resource on endowment funds (endowments). Let us recall that the discussion on this topic was included in the program of the forum “Endowments 2020: Shared Power” (organized by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation), which was planned to be held in late March. The forum was postponed until the autumn.

The resource could gather key information on domestic endowments: not only financial and legal data, but also relevant analytical works, information on foundations directions of support, history of creation, current fundraising campaigns and much more.

The survey on the need for a united information resource on endowment funds will last until May 31. The results will be summed up during an online meeting of representatives of endowments, scheduled for June 4.

To discuss the survey and prepare for the online meeting, please follow this page on social networks.

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