The special prize of the Istoki Endowment Fund was awarded to journalists from Irkutsk

The Irkutsk Weekly received a special prize at the All-Russian competition for journalists “Family and the Future of Russia”.

On November 27, the results of the social journalism competition “Family and the Future of Russia” were summed up during the online conference “MediaActive 2020”. A special prize for an informal and highly professional approach to the creation of family portrait, established by the Istoki Endowment Fund, was awarded for a series of family portraits to the editorial office of the Irkutsk newspaper.

The award ceremony took place online. 150 participants reached the finals, they are winners in nominations “Print”, “Internet”, “Radio” and “TV”.  The competition is organized by the St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation with the financial support of the Istoki Endowment Fund. Traditionally, the creative partners of the competition are the largest associations of journalists and the media, including the Union of Journalists of Russia, the Union of Printing Industry Enterprises (the Guild of Press and Periodical Publishers), the Alliance of Independent Regional Publishers, the Russian Academy of Radio, the Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting, and the Russian Reporter magazine.

Published on November 30, 2020. Read full article here