The Outposts Of Russia

The programme helps solve the problem of availability of medical help for population of remote territories of Russia.

Endowment deposit allows to maintain long-term systematic work in the borders of a program and to achieve best results.

Participants of the programme are the best specialists from leading medical centres of Russia who twice a year, for several weeks, carry out medical examinations and provide necessary medical help. The programme is implemented together with “Hydrostroy” CJSC.

During the expedition in 2014 to the islands of Iturup and Sakhalin the doctors examined over 2000 people. In 2015 5314 appointments were registered on Iturup Island.

As of the results of the programme lists of patients were made for patients who need follow-up additional examination and treatment in regional healthcare institutions, as well as for patients who need urgent tests to clarify their diagnosis and to define methods of treatment.