The “Mass Media” project to assist the development of social responsibility among journalistic and advertising community members was started in 2007. The main objective of the project is to gather…

Endowment deposit allows to maintain long-term systematic work in the borders of a program and to achieve best results.

The first memorandum was signed in Krasnoyarsk in May of 2007. As of today, it has been signed in many Russian regions. The signing of the Memorandum entails a tremendous amount of work: meetings, roundtables, and talks featuring scientific, parental and journalistic communities, deputies, and members of state agencies. In a number of regions, public expert councils on media relations have been formed.

In 2012 the “Mass Media” project was reorganized into the project “Family Values in Today’s Information Space”, which provides for a more active cooperation with advertising agencies and Internet resources. In particular, social advertising is one of the project work lines. Social banners and videos aimed at the protection of motherhood and childhood, consolidation of families and marriage, restoration of traditional family values are placed in different cities of Russia on a regular basis.