An application for children with ASD is released with support of the Istoki Endowment Fund

The application helps children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities learn and communicate with parents and the outside world.

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization (ANO) “Our Sunny World Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children”, the leading organization in the field of professional assistance to children with autism in the Russian Federation, and one of the leading Russian endowments the Istoki Endowment Fund announced the release of a new version of the unique free communicator mobile application “Autism: Communication”. Updated functionality allows to use the application as a means of communication for people with cerebral palsy, after a stroke and other persons with speech disorder.

According to Igor Shpitsberg, the founder of the Our Sunny World Center, the new features open up the possibility of using the application not only for children with autism and other developmental disabilities, but also for any people who are unable to speak.

The application is free and available for download to any device running on

Apple ios: communication/id526733108


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